Sunday, September 20, 2015

more trespassing on stewart's ferry

i tried to take a landscape to give you an idea of what catches my eye as i'm driving down the road.  do you see the touches of blue?  i knew they were something different, and i just had to stop and see.

i hopped a fence again.  this time in front of god and everybody on the main drag.  i am becoming shameless.

but really.  i don't know how anyone could resist this.

what a beauty.  something else i need to research this winter when it's cold outside and my beautiful blooming buddies are all lying dormant.

look at those stripes.  swoon.

i am sharing way too many pictures of this one flower, but i will not apologize for it.

and the sunlight.  oh happy.

you do see what i mean, right?  simply irresistible.  

look at those thighs!

girl's got some serious junk in her trunk.  you go girl.

i apologize in advance for the photo below.  you may not want to look.  seriously scary spider and i almost walked right through it's web.  so thankful i saw it in time.  i might have had a coronary while trespassing.  i shudder to think.


  1. Your becoming quite the expert with your camera! Go girl!

  2. I do the same thing - unfortunately I'm on a highway most of the time! I love those yellow flowers with the deep lobed petals - I've never seen anything like that!

  3. I'm loving the macro photography! The tiny glimpses I was getting on Instagram just weren't enough, so I had to track you down here. Swoon-worthy photos to be sure...