Thursday, July 2, 2015

washington dc: mary livingston ripley garden

so, i have saved the best (to me) for last.  this is my last washington d.c. post and it is WAY photo heavy.  there is no way i could leave out any of these gorgeous flowers.  i'm so glad we decided to stay a few extra hours and i got to experience this place.  this is exactly how i would like my own garden to look.  maybe one day.  :)

and look!!!  a monarch butterfly sighting in the wild!!!  i was SO excited!!!  it has been years since i've seen one.  it's not a great picture, but it's a great memory. 

do you see the sleeping monarch?

joining in with annie and "how does your garden grow?"


  1. Fabulous photos! Love the idea of a vertical alpine garden. I'll store that idea away. Your bumble bee has darker wings than I've seen before. I wonder what type it is. Will have to google later. #hdygg

  2. Love all those bright zingy colours, looks a beautiful place. The living wall looks really good.

  3. Lovely photos - I especially like the succulent wall - did you see my succulent I added to #HDYGG last week - I am yet to find out what it is. Also do you know what the black berry is? It looks rather menacing!

  4. i love the passion flower, it is my favourite plant