Thursday, July 23, 2015

cocoa daisy: third time's the charm

so, i've decided to switch up my project life albums a little in 2015, mainly adding in varying sizes of page protectors.  i guess i was getting a little bored with the mostly 12x12 format.  as part of the switch, i thought it would be fun to try my hand at a few 8.5x11 layouts.  hmmm.  i'm a bit rusty.  it's been years, and i didn't do them all that often back when i did do them.  it wasn't too difficult, but when i finished, photographed, and edited my page, i realized the top left photo was just too big.  wah.  i'm normally not one to redo, rephoto, and reedit, but i just wasn't happy, so . . .

and then one i went through the process all over again, i kept staring at this blue tab on my desk.  or rather i felt it kept staring at me just begging to be put on the page.  i finally couldn't stand it and stapled it on, rephotoed, and reedited the page.  again.  crazy, i know.

so here's the version one.

version two.

and version three.  i like it!  it's part of the july designers' challenge over on the cocoa daisy blog.  all the cute coffee cards are from the july ditl kit which is still available.  i don't actually drink coffee, but that didn't stop me from using them.  ha!


  1. Love the changes! It's the little things :D

  2. Really interesting to look at the little changes, and how they affect the feel. Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut :).