Tuesday, July 7, 2015

quality literature: confessions of an ugy stepsister

it took me a while to get through "confessions of an ugly stepsister" for whatever reason, but that could have just been me still in my reading slump.  i really enjoyed it quite a bit.  it has much to recommend it.  the author, gregory maguire, is gifted in many ways.  i look forward to reading more of his work, including "wicked."  he definitely has a gift for taking an old familiar story, in this case "cinderella," and adding layers of meaning to the plot and giving more depth to the characters.  this cinderella story is set in holland at the height of the tulip bulb frenzy.  i don't particularly care for stories set in the medieval and renaissance time periods, but again this is an area in which the author is gifted.  he is somehow able to paint the setting into his story without getting the reader (at least me) bogged down in it.  he is really brilliant with this, actually.  so those are my thoughts.  good book.  interesting read.  enjoyed it.

genre: historical fiction
setting: holland in (approximately) 1637
reading level: adult, high school

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