Thursday, July 23, 2015

cheekwood: jaume plensa

i went to cheekwood botanical garden and museum of art a couple weeks ago and was completely blown away.  i had been there once before, last year at the peak of tulip season.  that was fabulous, but i was expecting it to be fabulous in april with all the spring blossoms exploding on the scene. 

in mid july of a blazing hot summer, i wasn't expecting quite as much.  i assumed the flowers would be mostly spent and a little crispy around the edges.  i was so wrong!  the gardens were stunning!  the greenery was so lush and there was a riot or brilliant color scattered across the grounds.

i think i need to research if they offer gardening classes.  they sure know what they're doing.

we got there around 6:00 and stayed till closing at 10:00 (extended hours on thursdays in the summer).  that accounts for the transitioning lighting you'll see in my photos as this post progresses.

also, i was too lazy to lug my camera around, so all these photos were taken with my iphone and then edited in photoshop.  i think my little iphone did a great job.

the main reason we went was to see the band the wannabeatles.  they were 100% delightful.  they played all beatles songs and completely charmed the crowd, kids and adults alike.  i didn't realize how many activities go on at cheekwood throughout the year.  a membership would be totally worth it.

i also thoroughly enjoyed the jaume plensa "human landscape" exhibition that is currently on display.  it is very beautiful and thought provoking.  it will be there through november 1st.  if you're local or visiting, you should definitely look into visiting.  i have a feeling there is always something amazing to see at cheekwood.  i know i need to make a point of going more often.


  1. Memberships at Cheekwood are pretty cheap---totally worth it!! I don't thing they offer gardening classes per se, but I used to be a garden guide there. The training I got was totally worth it! Very interesting. They do offer assorted classes throughout the year---especially flower arranging. They have lots of things for kids too.

  2. Gorgeous photos Doris. I saw a Jaume Plensa exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park around 4 years ago and 4000 miles away from where you experienced him! It was a wonderful experience and your post has taken me right back there. Funny how blogging reveals all these similarities between ourselves and people on the other side of the world!