Wednesday, July 15, 2015

quality literature: the bean trees

"the bean trees" was a good read.  i finished it in a day, mainly because i was in a reading mood.  i enjoyed getting to know the characters and hoped for good things in their lives.  the main character, taylor, leaves poverty and a small town in kentucky for the open road in a beat up '55 volkswagon bug.  along the way she becomes a foster mom to a native american toddler in a tiny roadside diner on the plains of oklahama, and then settles in tucson, arizona where we meet the rest of the cast of characters.  on the downside, i felt like the author tried to work in way too many societal issues.  it got to the point where they cluttered up the story line.  i feel like if you create characters with enough depth, they speak for themselves and society.

genre: societal fiction
setting: Kentucky and Arizona in the mid 80's
reading level: adult, high school

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