Friday, December 30, 2011

new year aims . . .

do you make new year's resolutions? i haven't in a while. and when i have they've been the typical boring ones that nobody keeps. at least i never keep them. i know i was in a complete funk about it last year. i just ignored the whole new year rolling in thing. i was tired. completely worn out. turns out i was anemic. not good doris. this year i feel awesometastic about life in general and the coming year specifically. hello 2012! you're going to be a great one! i've been playing with pencil and paper. generating lists. so exciting. i've also been reading some great blog posts that have been very motivating. what? you want to be motivated too? read karen grunberg's blog. i just love that she spends the whole month of december contemplating what she wants to work on in the coming year. she inspires me to be more than i am right now. and read this post by elsie. so practical and cheerful. it really helped me hone my ideas. so this is what i've come up with. a list of aims for the coming year. "i aim to" is such a nice southern expression. said with all sincerity. if it is in my being i will do it. this is what i aim for. not a resolution put before congress. not a goal that i must race to score as i dodge the defensive linesmen in my path. just "aim for the moon. if you miss you may hit a star." - w. clement stone

these are all phrased positively in my mind. they all have some fun aspect to them. they are all things that g and i will both enjoy and benefit from. this is just a brief run-down. i'll explain them more as i get to them in the coming weeks . . .

nature study
art journal
the menu plan
papa chronicles

geting crafty
quality literature
gman novels
scrappy classes
take a hike
do run run

btw. the pic above is my crafty loving boy (pre haircut). i brought home a bag of fabric scraps from jenni's (i always accept fabric scrap handouts). the gman was quite captivated by them and sewed this little snake all on his own. isn't it fabulous? isn't he fabulous?

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