Saturday, August 31, 2013

august photo challenge: part two

clearly - in an attempt to get caught up on my photo challenge, i took a little walk around the neighborhood with g and my camera one evening earlier this week.  the lighting was golden and we'd had a little shower . . .

grow - the clematis that i bought on clearance at lowe's for $3.49 has finally grown and blossomed.  gorgeous, no?

lemon - i am in love with nasturtium and plan to plant more more more next year.  they are a stunning little flower, but hard to photograph for some reason.  this is the best shot i've gotten so far.

baby got back - g will still pose for photos for me.  he doesn't even seem to think it's off that i ask for a shot of his rear view.  i guess he knows i'm odd.  ha.  these boxers crack me up.  they have donuts with pink icing and sprinkles all over them.  he says that whenever he wears them to school they make him hungry all day.  lol.  and yes, he walks the neighborhood in his boxers.  what can i say.

gobbledygook - i am hoping that next spring i will have the rampant weed situation figured out.  sigh.

shadow dancing - neighbor's yard.

on cloud nine - sunset

dog days - we finally have new neighbors in the house next door.  they're awesome.  exactly the ones we were hoping for.  these are their children.

and i think i have gotten all 31 of my photos!  not all posted yet though.  i made the executive decision that the challenge ends today for taking the photos, but they can actually be posted at a later date.  it's nice to make up the rules as i go.  so more challenge pics tomorrow!

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  1. Nice photos! Plus, I really love the executive decision. Ihav enjoyed the challenge. Thank you for hosting!