Monday, February 25, 2013

blue and gold cupcakes aka smurf bones

we all know i'm no domestic diva.  so when i have to make baked goods for a bake sale or in this case a silent auction at the blue and gold banquet, of course i'm going to use a box mix.  oh and a premade tub of icing.  these turned out surprisingly tasty.  i was proud and bummed that i didn't have more spares to ruin my diet with.  never fear.  i ruined the diet thoroughly at the banquet.  if you're a local, "courtney's" is fabulous.

i do like to get creative with the decorations.  and in sticking with the blue and gold theme, i was desirous to decorate in blue and gold.  g, not understanding themed parties very well, had other ideas.  i had to compromise and let him decorate the outer cupcakes and told myself it was the party confetti.

i got high tech with food coloring.  the cream cheese icing got a little yellow added.  the leftover bones from the plants vs. zombies birthday party got a little smurf blue.  i totally crack myself up.  i say that a lot, don't i?

and here's my baby getting his awards.  fun times.  but wait!  there's more! . . .

i tried to post this entry this morning, but i wanted to link the infamous plants vs. zombies cupcakes and couldn't find them.  what?!  i never posted them here?!  egads!  i was a very bad blogger last fall.

seriously.  are these the coolest cupcakes ever?  i was so proud.  heck.  i'm still so proud.  :)

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