Thursday, February 7, 2013

january photowalk: pretty much an epic fail

so, i was thinking how cool it would be to do some of those photowalks.  you know where you walk around and take pictures of interesting things you see.  for our first one, i decided g and i were going to walk to his school and back.  since we moved back in october, we're now only two miles from his school, so a four mile round trip.  not bad as we're used to walking about that much on the greenway.  we've also been reading "farmer boy" (the little house book about laura ingalls wilder's husband's growing up years), so i thought it would just be a neat experience for g to be able to say that he walked to school once.

i'm labeling is a mostly epic fail.  i feel like i looked hard, but the only interesting things we saw were a few nice sunflares.  my camera pooped out after the first mile, so i had to start using my cell phone camera midway.  when we got home, i noticed i was coughing a bit.  i just chalked it up to evening air.  hmph.  i woke up sunday morning with a fever.  me who never gets sick.  meh.  monday morning i thought i was just a little tired from the "24 hour bug" i'd had the day before and went to work per usual.  g woke up with a fever tuesday morning.  i assumed it was the same "24 hour bug" that id had.  not.  when we both woke up with chills and g spiking a 103.8+ fever i finally admitted the flu might be in our house.  the doctor confirmed this wednesday morning.  yea.  so i totally felt like trash the rest of the week.  g wasn't too bad as we caught his in time for tamiflu to work.  here we are on day twelve and i still have a residual cough.  i'm so over it.

and i accidentally deleted those photowalk pics on my camera.  ooops.  at least i have the few on the cell phone to chronicle the disaster.

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  1. be well. i love farmer boy. it may be my favorite little house book, as i was never a big fan of laura's pa. :). have you read willa cather - o pioneers or my antonia? beautiful