Tuesday, February 12, 2013

donkey kong: valentine's day edition

a quickie post cuz we are up past our bedtime for the third night in a row.  wah!  these are cards i made for g's teachers from bits and pieces from the january jbs mercantile kits.  this, sadly, is my only contribution to our donkey kong valentine's day edition.  all those january germs just completely derailed me.

very excited to report though that i have some squeal-worthy (i should probably say roar-worthy) valentines in the works for g's class.  they are so so cute.  can't wait to share them!  hopefully tomorrow!  and i also have a fun new jbs mercantile game up my sleeve that will start february 15th right after donkey kong ends.  stay tune . . . ;)


  1. I love how they turned out! Looking forward to the next game!

  2. Love these!! Can't wait for the Feb. game!!! xo Evie