Wednesday, February 20, 2013


i can't explain this one, but let me try.  my dad was a commercial fisherman.  my brothers are commercial fishermen.  i grew up on the gulf coast of florida, six miles from the ocean and across the street from the intercoastal waterway.  i do not eat fish sticks.  ever.  i do not eat at captain d's and such like.  i barely tolerate farm raised fish offerings from kroger.  tilapia.  why bother?  but a week ago monday morning i cruised through mcds for hotcakes, bacon, and my morning coke.  while waiting in line i noticed the happy meals had hello kitty in them.  i have a coworker who collects hello kitty.  hmmm.  perhaps i needed a happy meal for lunch.  don't judge.  then i saw the fish mcbites sign.  considering the processed fish aversions i've just discussed with you, this thought shouldn't have even entered my mind.  but it did.  maybe i want those.  sure enough i was right back at the same mcds for lunch.  i didn't want a burger.  i don't much care for mcnuggets.  against my will and better judgement i got the mcbites.  i've been biting them ever since.  i'm addicted.  i got them five days in a row from the onset.  i wouldn't kid you about something like this.  the batter is fine grained cornmeal and the fish i've heard is cod.  tastes almost like a florida fish fry.  if it came with a side of cheese grits i'd be too happy for words.  170 calories in the little box.  another 120 for the tiny fries and apple slices.  we won't talk about the coke.  mmm mmm mmm i'm lovin' it.  i've heard they're only around through the end of march for lent.  catch them while you can.

turns out i didn't accidentally erase those home to school and home again photowalk pics.  i found them on another flashcard once my brain function came back after the flu.  this shot made me giggle a little.  beware those seemingly placid killer cows calmly chewing their cuds.  you won't catch me hopping this fence.

i was photographing the jbs flea market the other day, and per usual, after photographing the outside of a set of books, i flipped one open to snag a pic of the inside.  everyone likes to see what's on the inside, right?  this particular set of books was a tiny set of educational books.  i chose mother goose to photograph as poems are normally nice.  the first page i flipped to was this one.  i was in a hurry and saw "there was an old woman" and immediately finished it mentally with "who lived in a shoe."  not so much, but after snapping the pic i noticed an awkward three letter word on the left side.  i took my glasses off to make sure i was reading what i thought i read.  i read the whole poem and laughed and laughed.  jenni wasn't there, but i went upstairs and read it to jared and laughed some more.  heck.  i took a picture and laughed all day.  i also took a picture of a more appropriate page for the website.

can you spot what's wrong with this picture?  teenagers parking in faculty parking is a pet peeve of mine.  grrrrrrrrrr.  don't get me started . . .

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  1. our cows who so love one of those signs. we have no mcbites in canada. growing up in nova scotia i thought really rich people ate fish sticks and really poor people (like us) had to eat fresh fish.