Tuesday, February 26, 2013

good blog reads

my angel baby has discovered the joy of reading in the bathtub.  i'm also delighted to report that he enjoyed "farmer boy" so much that he picked up "little house in the big woods" and "little house on the prairie" at his school library last week.  the librarian, who was also his second grade teacher and who he fondly refers to as his favorite teacher, told me he checked them both out because he was afraid the second would be gone the next time he came in and he must read them in order.  yay for quality literature and a love of reading!

you know, i absolutely can't wait to show him soulemama's post from today, "it's time," on tapping trees for maple syrup.  he's going to love seeing that in the here and now since he read all about it in "farmer boy."

here are a few more good blog reads that i've bookmarked in my surfing this month:

deep thoughts:

"one day vs this day" - a very nice post from karen grunberg on not letting goals get in the way of enjoying the moment you're in

cute videos:

"paperman" - an adorable sweet video i first saw on kelly purkey's blog, but have seen it several places since

"this video makes me smile" - this one was on a new blog i just found last week and it made me smile too

project life/scrapbooking:

tracie claiborne - tracie is a dear friend of mine.  she's been card-making and blogging up a storm this year.  i really enjoy her writing style as she talks about her various projects.  she's just begun her journey into project life and i'm very curious to see how it progresses

patricia roebuck - briana introduced me to this blog when i started my own project life journey.  love her project life style and she's a great scrapbooker too

anja wade - one of my favorites is finally back to blogging and this time she's added her funky spin to project  life spreads

"five ways to use mists on a scrapbook layout" - shimelle has been having some dynamic scrapbook artists on her blog lately.  this article from corrie jones is amazing

"diptic photo colalges via phone" - i'm sure i will gush about this again, but this app may found has shortened my project life photo processing time so much!  if you want to do quick 2x2 inch prints be sure to check it out


  1. Kuddos to Mom for nuturing his love for reading. YAY YOU!!

    Moms seldom get a pat on the back, so I felt this post was necessary. :)

  2. Sherri just told me you were doing PL so I ran off to your blog to check it out and I'm tickled to see you gave me a shout out! Thanks friend! I love your PL! So excited we're both jumping into it. Can't wait to see more of your fabulous work. Hugs!

  3. PS - Tell Gabriel my favorite part of Farmer Boy is always when they eat those huge, delicious meals prepared by his mother. Laura Ingalls Wilder did such a great job describing them that I can almost smell the food! Also, I loved it when the parents left for a few days and the kids were on their own and they ate up every bit of the sugar and fed the pig taffy. Such a great story!! I know it like the back of my hand. So glad he loves LIW's books.