Sunday, February 24, 2013

project life: january is in the book

this is actually the first spread in my book.  it took me a while to finish because i contemplated how to add the facebook convo for quite some time.  that's the slowest part for me, using the computer.  so not fun.

on this page:  a lot of becky higgins project life seafoam edition on both sides here.  the text card and two smaller cards below it and the orange card are all from that kit.  plus the yellow card on the facing page below.  i'd say if you're unsure how to get started, get a kit.  it took the pressure off for me on the first couple pages and then i had a better feel for how the whole thing works.

on this page:  most of the rest of the papers are scraps actually.  one thing i am pumped about is the amount of thickers and alpha stickers i've been using.  those things seem to never go away, but with project life they just might.

one thing i've already noticed that i like to do is to bracket matching photos with washi tape.  this concept happened totally on accident for me the first time.  the two vertical pics of my kitties here printed with white strips at the top and bottom.  i decided to cover them up with the floral washi tape and then after the fact really liked the idea that it also showed the relationship between the two photos.  i did the same thing on the spread above with the diagonal striped washi tape around the horizontal photos of my kid in the tub.  love it when good ideas just happen.

on this page:  this spread is more bits from my february jbs mercantile kits as well as some stuff pulled from my december daily hoard.  

on this page:  more of the same.  love the little jbs birdie punch that i've been using for snowbird.  it's a neat visual representation on several pages that kinda ties the idea of snow (or lack of it in our case) together.  the love diecut was created by lisa dickinson for jbs mercantile.  the card in the bottom corner i had made from my january kits as a lunch box card for g.  he didn't seem overly impressed with the idea, so i only made the one batch.

and now i'm on to february!


  1. Whoo, look at you go, D - you've been hard at work! Looks awesome!

  2. I really like how you put the sticker letters directly on the photo - gotta try that! So are you also doing a monthly PL?