Wednesday, February 13, 2013

valentine, you're dino-mite!

20 paper mache lidded containers from joann's - $20
20 plastic dinosaurs pilfered from g's toybox - $0
krylon indoor/outdoor banner red gloss spray paint - $6.99
beacon 527 multi-use glue - $6.99
pink shredded paper -  $2.99
2 bags hershey's kisses - $7.00
my son being mega-proud of his dino-mite valentines - priceless

how to:
1. glue dinos to lids.  let dry THOROUGHLY.
2. spray with spray paint (several coats required)
3. fill with treats and a sweet note

i think i sprayed these guys five times.  they are still slightly tacky to the touch a day later, but hey, they're elementary school valentines.  i had to spray them in the light of the floodlights in our flower bed.  it was raining all day yesterday and i was too chicken to do more than these samples on the front porch.  hello if i get high gloss red spray paint on the concrete right outside my front door i will be traumatized.  i finished them up in the dark this evening, but i think if you did them in the grass in the light of day you might manage in two coats.

i got the idea off pinterest, of course.  love my pinboards and i really try to use them once in a while.

i've already told g we will be working through his plastic bugs for his 4th grade valentines and his plastic lizards for his 5th grade valentines.  he's cool with that; now to come up with the ideas.  it's going to be hard to top the 3rd grade valentines.  as it was hard to top the 2nd grade valentines.  but it sure is fun tryinng!