Friday, February 15, 2013

kit building: roy g. biv

i decided to make myself a little kit from my own stash to scrapbook with and it turned out to be quite a brilliant idea.  i sat down that night and created three layouts.  THREE.  i can't remember the last time i scrapped that fast.  it was a festivus day miracle!

speaking of miracles.  this is just the cutest story.  i know it's a horrible pic of my baby, but you can still see how way cute he was (he still is way cute - just making sure we have that straight).  anyhoo, this weekend when he was two-ish his gma and aunty gmas and aunty cousins had all come to visit us.  we had gone to the zoo and gone to the outlet mall.  it was at the outlet mall that we stopped in the toy store and tiny g was just mesmerized by the battery operated pig flying in circles, attached to a sting coming from the ceiling.  g's eyes got HUGE and he kept saying, "pig fly??  pig fly?!  pig fly!!"  over and over again all afternoon, all day, all weekend.  it is burned into our collective memory.  so when i saw these pig lights at kroger this christmas i had to buy us all a set.  oh the memories.  aren't they delightful?

this is the little kit i built.  i decided to go with a roy g. biv theme.

the kit contained:
one sheet of patterned paper from each of my color families, three thickers alphas, 2 sticker alphas, 5 more sticker/rub-on type things, a pack of vintage paper clippings, and a tin of random embellishment bits that had somehow ended up all tangled together.

several of the pieces i pulled because i was hoping to use them up.  i like to clear out my stash from time to time.  

here is a fun tip for you from my scraproom.  changing tables convert into fabulous scrapbook storage.  i changed many a gman diaper on this piece.  i kept those diapers and assorted essentials in those two baskets on the bottom shelf.  now those baskets hold my thickers (left bottom) and punches (right bottom).  the middle shelf is miscellaneous stuffs.  the top shelf holds mostly patterned paper and stickers.

of course the patterned paper is kept in roy g. biv order.  from left to right i have cardstock scraps, vintage papers, a variety of specialty papers, multi-colored paper, neutrals - black based, neutrals - brown based, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, cardstock.  notice there is no violet in my world, lol.  right in front is an accordian folder with patterned paper scraps, roy g. biv-ed, of course.

this basket i got from my old lss when it closed.  i made many a shopping trip with these baskets.  g and i were reminiscing today about how many of his bffs and mine (their moms) were made from this lss.  it was a magical place and i still miss it.  but back to what's in the basket.  lots of stickers and a few rub-ons (we all know those things don't like me) some border-y type things and such.  my sticker alphas are also in here.  while they're not roy g. biv-ed, they are divided into colored and neutrals.  behind the basket is a 12x12 accordian folder with my jbs papers and stickers in it.

and here is my thickers collection.  definitely a roy g. biv scene with this one.  i was fortunate enough to work for american crafts for a couple years, so my thickers collection got beefed up then.  i have an unwritten policy of not letting this collection exceed the container that currently houses it.  thus the reason there were three sets of thickers in my roy g. biv kit above.  i deliberately chose thickers sets that i thought were close to done.  i have another unwritten policy of letting myself discard a pack of thickers when all the e's are gone.  can you believe that even after making three layouts i still had e's on all three of those sets?  doh!  back in the stash they went.

i've been thinking to kit build for so long.  i'm glad i finally did it and i think i'm addicted.  tomorrow i shall build another.  i wonder what my theme will be?  hmmm.  decisions, decisions . . .


  1. Great post! Loved the little peak into your scrapbook world ;-)
    PS. Hope you're going to share the other 2 layouts you made? This one was super-cute!!

  2. the layout is delightful and seeing a peek at your paper supplies was divine. you have inspired me to try and make a kit. i always haul too much stuff out and become overwhelmed.
    ps. loved your valentines