Tuesday, January 29, 2013

good blog reads

i have a pretty serious blog addiction.  g and i are home sick today with this random cough intermittent fever thing, so i can't think of anything else profound to say about my blog addiction.  here are some of my favorite reads this month should you care to share my addiction with me:

words of wisdom on growing and growing older . . .

thoughts on kindergarten - "what i want them to know" from tails from the maxxy pad
thoughts on twelve year olds - "the first dozen" from soulemama
thoughts on turning forty - "forty" from snapshots of a good life

crafty shares . . .

i'd love to do some of these stitch tutorials - "take a stitch tuesday" from pintangle
a good stamping trick - "cardmaking with crowned bunnies" from notes on paper
rebecca sower papercrafting again - "designs from a decade ago" from life by hand

photography . . .

lighting - "how i made the shot (natural reflectors)" from snapshots of a good life
i plan on doing this - "aleida's challenge" from pluckymomo (thanks steph!)

well-crafted words . . .

an autobiography i want to read - "lessons in grace, and audrey" from scrapologie
one of my latest addictions - "an eye for the peculiar" from blank ink paperie


  1. oh my god, you sweet thing. i should make you a pie.xx

  2. Can't wait to look all these up. Awesomeness!

  3. Want to look all of those! Such an adorable show off here.