Saturday, January 5, 2013

masterful scrapbook design: old and new

i got a new old washer and dryer set today.  they were free which is awesome.  free does not come with installation though.  oh dear.  i was going to make a valiant attempt at installing them myself; my brainwaves work fairly well when i turn them on.  unfortunately, my recall button is faulty so i still can't find my phillip's head.  see, i thought i needed it to remove the accordion door to the laundry room as the washer and dryer weren't fitting through with the door on.  i went to the neighbor's to borrow one and of course he ended up coming over to help.  turns out i didn't need the phillip's head as the accordion door was spring loaded.  i did, however, need a wrench, rubber washer, hose, and man muscles.  thanks neighbor!

it got me thinking.  people are so kind.  really.  i posted my washer won't fit pic online and immediately had offers of assistance.  i knew i would.  people are kind.   seriously, i wouldn't even have the washer and dryer busy in my kitchen tonight without the kindness of strangers and friends who look out for me.  thanks friends!

(missing segue) i think this is why i don't tend to watch the news.  i prefer getting the need to know information second hand from a reliable source.  90% of the human interest stories on the news seem to be of the depressing sort.  i know i'm one of the lucky ones, but the world i live in isn't a horrible place at all.  it's amazing and fueled by kindness.  many thanks to all the shiny happy people out there!  :)

this is another i made for the old photo seminar at masterful scrapbook design.  the topic was mixing the old with the new.  that's my dad in the photobooth pics!  this one has a great story and illustrates the difference between wants and needs.  i mean, in my dad's childhood a fridge was a want, not a need.  times change and perspectives change, but that's another story and i've already waxed philosophic enough for one evening.

this layout was created with the jbs mercantile november papercrafting kit and antiquarian add-on (sold out).  the ink on the right side is the stencil.  i adore getting a new exclusive stencil each month.  adore.

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