Tuesday, January 22, 2013

lunchbox love

i made a set of lunchbox cards to send to school with g this week.  one per day (hooray for a no school monday!).  i got the idea from that octopus card on the right one.  it came in a pack of lunchbox cards i bought from the dollar spot at target. i had every intention of just sending those, but you know me.  one thought lead to another and before i knew it i was making custom lunchbox cards.  i like them a lot.  the front of each card has a trivia question either related to something g is currently interested in (like coal, believe it or not) or something he needs to study like math skills and missed benchmark questions (import vs export).

the question is on one side and the answer(s) on the other.  they are aligned here so the left card in the first image is the flip of the left card in the second image.  same with the next set below.

these were all made with my december jbs mercantile papercrafting kits (main and artisan still available) and a vintage map from my stash.  (goodness i hope we get a snow day soon!).

my absolute favorite part is the times tables.  aren't those peekaboo windows the cutest?  and they were seriously quick to make with my exacto knife.  i definitely plan on making more soon!  my baby needs major help with the 6s, 7s, and 8s!

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