Sunday, January 13, 2013

pop culture week: rise of the guardians

disclaimer - i have yet to see les mis, so that will surely be my favorite movie in 2013.  i should also add here that i don't really remember what other movies i did see in 2012.  mostly kid flicks, i'm sure.

i know someone asked me if rise of the guardians was a risk if your kids still believe.  the answer is NO!  this movie is all about believing.  in fact, that's what i loved so much about it.  it leaves you with the deep thought of how very important it is to believe in something someone bigger than yourself.  and i'm not talking about just the bunny and the big man either.  it's important to believe.

the characterizations are simply charming.

and i will admit here that g and i were both covertly wiping tears at the end.  any movie that can make a 42 year old woman and a nine year old boy cry is surely good stuff.

if you didn't catch it in theaters over the holidays, then catch it on dvd when it comes out.  the bunny features prominently, so i'm betting it'll be released around eastertime.

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