Thursday, January 24, 2013


friends!  i'm almost done posting that backlog or unposted layouts!  can you believe it?  are you relieved?  this one totally makes me laugh.  i mean, look at those two girls squaring off.  the kitties haven't quite adjusted to the new neighborhood yet and meeting the neighbors can be a bit intimidating, yes?

this was for my november gallery at jbs mercantile.  i really loved working with red/black extension five and all the extras jenni pulled together that month.  the antiquarian kit (sold out) really makes this layout.  it just all makes me giggle whether anyone else gets it or not.  the girl meets girl merger.  the pen nibs that look like cat claws.  the striped bag and architectural postcard that mimic the shadows in the photo.  the milk caps, knowing my chichi is lactose intolerant.  the filmstrips.  hey you.  snort.  classic.  i love a layout that makes me laugh.  

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