Saturday, January 12, 2013

pop culture week: duck dynasty

i love this show.  i had a couple friends mention it to me midway through the first season.  i caught an episode and was immediately hooked.  i haven't watched a show consistently since g was born, so nine years of not caring if i watched tv or not.  this show, well, i frantically scrambled around online looking for missed episodes and have watched it religiously since.  and i harass my friends until they give it a looksee.

i adore these guys.  during the first season when i was so caught up in indoctrinating all my friends, i remember distinctly chatting about it with a couple coworkers on our planning period.  another teacher had brought some of his kids in for testing help while i was in there talking it up.  next thing i knew, ten high school boys are hanging on my every word and one reverently states, "that's the best show on television."

i appreciate a&e.  why?  for allowing these people to maintain their integrity and for giving americans something decent to watch on television.  yes, indeed, the men tend to screwballs and screwups most of the time.  the show is hilarious and they act stupid.  it is southern redneck to the core.  but these men never swear, they respect their wives, put family first, and each episode ends with a prayer around the dinner table.

hello waltons of the modern generation.  thank you for giving me an hour of television i am proud and glad to watch with my son every wednesday night.


  1. Ha -- I love how you compare the family to the Waltons. I totally see it!

  2. I guess I haven't watched enough to get interested.

  3. LOL - I am one of those friends you introduced to that show! It is a good one. So true about what you said about how the love their wives and it is awesome they end with prayer. A modern Waltons - so funny. My fave episode is where they take the RV to get the ATV's and they eat some of Sy's chili.