Tuesday, January 15, 2013

pop culture week: blog loves

so i end my pop culture week midweek because i didn't stay on task last week and on a fickle note as i have a fickle nature apparently.  ok, no, really i don't have a fickle nature except as i relate to social media.  i may have gushed earlier in the year about how much i loved twitter.  i can't remember the last time i was on twitter.  now i love instagram.  ha.  are you with me?  (i'm dorissander there - oh so original).  (oh and i have no rebuttals on the staying on task bit - sadly tis true, too true).

but really this post is about my blog loves.  i still love blogs just as much as the day i discovered them and started blogging myself.  i don't remember when that was, but it was.  last year i posted my ten blog favorites.  i still love spending time with those women as often as they stop by (their blogs).  i thought i would share five more faves with you this year in hopes that you'd share a few of your faves with me.

a beautiful mess - this blog is just beautiful to look at.  i've loved it even more with the addition of elsie's sister to the mix.  tons of variety in post topics.  i'm not interested in everything, but it's all pretty and i like that.

stephanie howell - seeing those little girls' bright shining faces is always a joy.  i am just made happy for a minute with every smile shared.  i'm so thankful stephanie allows me to be blessed through her children.

ashley calder/things that shine - i was enamoured with ashley's poetic journaling back in the day.  and she's back!  with a vengeance and a love of all things golden and shiney!

notes on paper/julie kirk - i find julie absolutely delightful.  witty.  oh so witty.  i have love of a good dry wit.

elise blaha cripe - the epitome of eclectic style.  i've enjoyed her motivating nature.  she is such an inspiration.

i've found this year that i'm more drawn to lifestyle, general crafting, and such.  variety if you will.  i finally got my blog roll of favorites back up (it's over there to the right on my sidebar).  i've added several to lifestyle and added a new category, the eclectics.  these would be my current favorite style or reads, so if you have any faves to recommend, please leave me a comment as i'd love to check them out!

oh!  and the photo is completely unrelated, but oh so cute, yes?  :)

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