Thursday, January 3, 2013

masterful scrapbook design: old photos

i think this one will make my top twelve layouts of 2012 list.  it's funny too as these photos are of my cousin before i was even old enough to play with her.  funny that i would end up with them, but i was charmed by old photos at an early age and if my mom allowed me to take a few black and white's that weren't overly important to her then i was going to take them for sure.  and then later on i started scrapbooking and truly i would never have imagined using these photos on a page as i had no memories of my own attached to them.  but i find if you spend enough time with old photos and let them speak.  then really listen to what they have to say they will share their stories with you.  you see, when this little girl was born, my mom already had four kids of her own and the last, a wide open boy child, had rather worn her out.  but she held that baby girl in her arms and said, "if i knew i would have a girl with blonde hair (she already had two brunette daughters) i might think about having just one more."   then i was born on her very first birthday.  i am here because of you sweet baby girl in these black and white photos.  thank you ever so much for helping me tell my story.  your story.  our story.

i wanted to tell more black and white stories in 2012.  especially my dad's black and white stories.  i am sad that i only got one done.  it was one of my favorite posts last year and  i am determined to tell more of these stories this year.  they are treasures that need to be preserved for the next generation.

this layout was part of last year's "old photos" seminar at masterful scrapbook design.  it is packed with information and inspiration and is still available if you're interested.  debbie delivers.  always.

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