Tuesday, January 1, 2013

jbs mercantile: happiness makers

i woke up this morning with my pseudocold hovering on the brink of reality.   i staggered to the bathroom where the mirror displayed the evidence of yesterday's haircut gone wrong.  the scale shouted the news of a three pound gain from last night's holiday food orgy.

as i type this, the kitties are enjoying their new feather toy and gabriel is giggling watching them play with it.  a new vintage library table is heading my way this morning!  hello organization!  my close friends and family are all ringing in the new year with life, health, and happiness.

yes, happiness is a choice.  and not one that is easily made.  g and i, our lives are perched on a triple beam balance and it's my job to make sure the positives outweigh the negatives that life can and will throw our way.

these photos were all taken at the beach over labor day weekend.  we were there in florida because my dad was scheduled for emergency spinal cord surgery.  you may not be able to see it, but there was a good deal of tension in those toes.  as i lay there listening to g and his cousins playing in the surf while watching the clouds float by and munching on my sister-in-law's freshly popped real buttered popcorn i knew.  the greatest bits of happiness can often be found by focusing on the tiniest of details.

it is my goal this year to zoom in on the happiness makers. 

happy new year to you and yours!  may your 2013 be filled to overflowing with blessings both big and small.

this layout was created with the january 2013 jbs mercantile papercrafting kit. it's the most amazing kit ever.  i told jenni that if i hadn't already gotten it, as broke as i am, i would still find a way to get it.  it's that good.  check out the design team gallery and look for lots more eye candy on the 10th!


  1. Thanks Doris....I needed that positive boost. Enuf said. Love your layout and I can't wait to get my hands on this kit. Love those feathers...

  2. Darn it! I'm poor. So your saying I need the January kit?

  3. hi doris, one of my resolutions i have made this year is to be braver. so here i am, writing a fan letter to you. i have long admired your work and your writing. i have been too shy to comment on a famous person's blog.

    my name is bev and i run a nearly defunct scrapbooking store from our farm in rural alberta. i have a blog that on occasion makes people smile or laugh (or that's what they tell me). stop by if you have time but for now know you have people out there that you are making happy.


    thanks and the happiest new year to you and gabriel