Wednesday, January 2, 2013

get it scrapped: you love books

as i've been pondering my plans and dreams for 2013, books are at the forefront of my mind.  i am a firm believer in the power of the written word.  i was a voracious reader as a child.  the books i chose back then played a tremendous role in shaping me into the person i am today.  as g's getting older, my time to mold him is shrinking.  while i still have my little captive audience of one, i want to read to him.  i started our read aloud program last year and we are both greatly pleased by it, but this year i want to move beyond the love of reading into the power of reading.  i want to read to him some books that make him think about his values and what's important in life.  i'll keep you posted . . .

this page was created for an article on symmetry at get it scrapped.  bilateral symmetry to be precise.  it's not a design that comes naturally to me, but i love a good challenge! 


  1. That's awesome!! I was worried about my child for a while because she was not into reading as I was at her age but she has finally come around by discovering some series she loves. Now she will gladly spend her money on a book - a true sign she loves to read! There's nothing better than a great book! Can't wait to hear what all you're reading. Love the layout!

  2. even though my youngest daughter just turned 14, i still read aloud to her. she in turn is reading "the diary of anne frank" aloud to me. it has started lots of discussion and sessions of googling for information.

    the layout is lovely

  3. Fantastic layout, Doris! I fully believe that we are what we read.