Friday, January 4, 2013

masterful scrapbook design: one big dead gator

here's the layout that goes with that black and white story i linked yesterday.  it's really a good one and i'm so glad i wrote it down.  seeing it here now reminds me that i need to call my dad as soon as i get off this keyboard and start on the next one!  i remember when i first wrote that post i had intended to scrapbook it and title the layout, "swamp people" as i was into that bit of reality tv at the time.  several months went by though and when i finally did get around to scrapping it the title morphed into "best friend in my pocket."  if you read the journaling, you'll understand that it does fit so much better.

i'm trying to get all my layouts posted.  i've still got a backlog of 11 unposted ones!  how in the world did this happen?  i guess i haven't been in a blogging mood for a few months and now i am.  i have several things i want to say, but feel i must get caught up first.  mainly because i want to do one of those favorite layouts of the year posts.  i love doing those.  love looking back over all the stories that got told, remembering them, it makes me happy.  but i don't think i can wait 11 more days!  guess i'll have to start doubling up to get'er done . . .

this is another i made for the "old photos" seminar at masterful scrapbook design.  i'll be chatting there again in march.  the topic is "ooomph and polish," aka adding all those tiny finishing touches that make our pages oh so special.  :)

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