Monday, January 7, 2013

pop culture week: mumford and sons

music: pardon me while i gush.  i've developed an obsession for this band.  i only learned of their existence a month or so ago.  i know.  i've been living under a rock.  i love them.  LOVE.

this is why i love them:

the layering of their instruments is amazing to me.  i've always been partial to stringed instruments, but i didn't include the banjo in that list of favorites.  oh but i do now.  the banjo creates this perpetual driving motion that underlies mumford and sons' music.  and the brass.  i would never have thought to mix horns in with a banjo.  WOW.  their music is so emotional to me.  it's this joyous celebration of life even amidst our sorrows.

and then i am a word girl.  mumford and sons' lyrics make me stop and think deep thoughts without telling me what those deep thoughts should be.  their themes embrace the big life topics, but their words are totally open for interpretation.  the music reaches me where i am right now.  tomorrow it might lead me to a different place.  they are truly gifted writers.

these words especially touch me:

it seems that all my bridges have been burnt
but you say that's exactly how this grace thing works
it's not the long walk home that will change this heart
but the welcome i receive with the restart

and i can't hear these words and not think of those precious souls at sandy hook:

music speaks when i can't find the words . . .


  1. doris - my son introduced me to them last year - and a few days later i walked into work and a coworker asked if i ever hear them ... i LOVE them too!

  2. and now i just read your post. i love the way you write.