Sunday, January 6, 2013

masterful scrapbook design: on trend

today we went to the little country church just down the road from our house. i think it was the place i was meant to be this morning as i really took the sermon topic to heart.  it was on our focus for the new year and the minister talked about these four things: contentment, courtesy, compassion, and courage.

i am content.
i am courteous.
i am compassionate.
i am courageous.

four great things to work on this year, yes?

this layout i also made for masterful scrapbook design, but an earlier seminar on trends.  the thought it makes me giggle as i am so not a trendy person.  i actually have a pop culture series of sorts running through my mind that i want to blog about this week.  then you'll see what i mean.  i'm not a cool bird.

the layout is about g and his little london cousin who is also an only child.  they have a special bond when they get together as i think they recognize the solo status in each other.  we can't wait to see you again in march baby riley!

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