Friday, January 25, 2013

jbs mercantile: family portrait

good morning!  we got a snow day!  woot!  it's only raining, but i'll take a 3 day weekend for sure!  especially after our last one was ruined.  now if the temps would just get above freezing so i can run get my morning coke . . .

this is another layout i created for the old photos seminar at masterful scrapbook design.  i'm the little blondie bottom right.  don't you just adore the 70s vibe.  i have a horrible memory for remembering moments, especially those frommy childhood, but i do remember snippets of this one.  like the photographer trying to make my brother and i laugh.  and getting dressed to go and realizing something big was about to happen bc even my dad had to dress up.  and on a side note, you just can't beat vintage bits from jenni to make a layout special.

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  1. you are lucky with your much wanted snow day. me i have a webinar hangover and i'm at work!