Wednesday, January 23, 2013

masterful scrapbook design: dora the explorer

this was an assignment for the old photos seminar at masterful scrapbook design.  i used three photos from three different times in my life to tell the story of my name.  the first photo is me as a little girl sitting with the woman i was named after and her daughter, also named doris.  the second photo points to a "chicken bus" in guatemala and the journaling refers to how prevalent my name was for those colorful buses.  and the third photo is me and the gman in his toddler years.  all his little friends called me "dora" back then.  so cute.

i really like scattering my journaling across different areas of the layout, especially in a situation like this when i'm journaling about different aspects of the same topic.  it's just easier for me on many levels.

this layout was made for the october gallery at jbs.  it's mostly the october artisan add-on, which might be one of the last places to find those kraft flag tags.

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  1. Dora... love that nickname! Love how you used the tags in this - awesome!