Tuesday, March 4, 2014

calvinball: fun times and productivity

fun times and productivity is surely a winning combination, yes?  come join us for a rousing game of calvinball!  you'll laugh, roll your eyes, and get a lot done!  in the last four days i've finished a layout, 9 project life pages, and 10 mini-album pages!  hurrah!

here is one of the pages.  i'm close to finishing 2013.  so very close.

i'm especially partial to those german foil fish.  i think i have seven left.  they are awesome.

and here is a representative of one fo the december daily pages.  those all followed the same format with the 4x6 pockets and one photo/1 journaling card per event.  i did it this way so it would be easy.  easy isn't good for me because i found it boring.  but at least there was calvinball, so i finally cranked them out.  all five that were left.  i just did pretty much the same thing on all of them.  a 4x6 piece of christmas paper with a project life journaling card, a few embellishments and washi, and a little journaling.  done and i used some more of that seemingly endless supply of project life cards i have.    hooray! 

now i am at 39 points.  i really need to find one more point somewhere, so i can get into the next decade.  celeste has 71 points.  slow and steady . . .


  1. Go Doris! I am woefully behind but I'm happy that I'm actually scrapping again :)

  2. Really looking forward to a more productive March than I've had in a long time! Thanks for this, Doris!

  3. I am rooting for you Doris! Go Go Go! Hey if you ever want a pair of digital hedgehog stamps i have a set I designed and you would be welcome to have them to play with :-)

  4. Well done on getting through some of that endless supply of PL cards - I don't but I tend to give them away as we are doing a Gratitude album rather than 'regular' PL.

    39 points? Hmm I've not got into double figures yet.

  5. Wow. That is impressive. I need to get going! I love your PL pages. :)