Monday, March 17, 2014

project life: valentine's day

happy st. patrick's day!  i love the minor holidays.  this one is my special day as it's a harbinger of my birthday to come tomorrow.  hooray!  and how about valentine's day?  another favorite of mine.  this one was an especially good one.  i was treated to a serendipitous breakfast at mcdonald's, my students remembered me, g's class valentines were top of the class again, the high school photobooth was great fun, i got my mantel decorated just in time, and g and i had a lovely date night complete with dinner and a (lego) movie plus flowers and girl scout cookies on the way home.  lovely.
i think valentines day is my favorite project life spread too.  again this year, i dedicated an entire spread to the day.  how fun it is picking out my favorites from g's valentines to run down the middle.  i think it's such a fun recording of current pop culture and it's such a bright pop of color at the end of a long dreary winter.  hooray for valentines day!

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