Friday, March 21, 2014

one little word: holiday mini-album

i am still loving this little project.  it's my one little word mini-album based on the word "holiday."  so fun.  i've settled into a routine of having the intro to each month appear on a transparent page.  i've also been sticking to my jbs mercantile kits for that month (with heavy emphasis on the antiquarian).  it's been a good combination thus far.  i was worried this month that i didn't have a transparent paper to use, but then i came up with the idea of using washi tape to piece together two of the four x six acetate sheets from the mini-album kit.  perfect!

here's how the page looks behind the peekaboo portion.  i listed my favorite things about march.  march is a very good (happy birthday) month for me. 
these are the rest of my february pages.  the calendar page (and i've still forgotten to ask my mother for a complete list of family birthdays) and a few favorite quotes from pinterest.  (and argh i need to find a glue strong enough to hold those "holiday" letters in place).

superbowl appetizers (my friend and i have an inside joke with supercup) and (shamefully) another i don't eat peas page (really, i am an adult).

presidents' day (hee.  i dressed my son and his little friend as abe and george) and the olympics.

and then our monthly together pic with some notes about current favorites.  this is such a fun project!


  1. It's looking very pretty with all those individually interesting pages in it!