Monday, March 24, 2014

calvinball: the race to the finish line

we're entering the final week of calvinball.  i'm not even solidly in metal contention at the moment.  spring break derailed me a bit.  but i'm back and ready to craft my little heart out.  i'm already a winner though!  these are my last project life pages for last year!  what?!  for a girl who never cared about being "caught up" and who was dragged into project life kicking and screaming, this is quite an accomplishment.  indeed, i only have ONE LAYOUT LEFT (which is even currently on my desk in its beginning stages) and i will be COMPLETELY DONE WITH THE YEAR 2013.  like, woah.  (so if you really want to see how i measure up, you can see my current stats HERE) many many thanks to all my 2014 calvinball peeps for motivating me to scrap and showing me a good time in the process.

this spread was created with my march jbs mercantile kits with the addition of this month's sale item, the printed pockets, and a jbs birthday mini bingo card (i need more of these!  mine are all gone now and they are just so useful for birthday pages and birthday cards).

this side is gabriel's birthday sleepover.  we went simple this year and just invited three friends and had a few party favors in a reindeer/dinosaur combo theme.  hey!  it worked for us, lol.

here you can see the flip side of the insert.  i was so honored to attend one of my former student's weddings.  love that girl (and was completely in awe of the ceremony!).

on the right is a tiny bit of snowbird action and more school happenings.  one thing i appreciate about project life is the merging of my interests and activities with those of my son.  my scrapbooking tended to be mainly focused on him, but with project life there is more of me.  i like that.

this spread is from thanksgiving week.  gabriel spent the holiday with his papi, tia, and primas in arkansas.  i thought it was neat that it worked out that his week was on the left and my week was on the right, with us reunited there in the bottom corner.  homecomings are so sweet.

i'm still loving my freckled fawn embellishment kit subscription.  it has really gotten me using my project life kits.  hooray!  (those things were piling up and starting to scare me!).

these little embellishments are from the march kit.  so fun.  i am a sucker for a good ampersand.

ok!  off to scrap some more and then blog again!  i am a busy bee now that i'm back in my hive!  :)

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