Tuesday, March 11, 2014

lebanon farmer's market

i have been anxious to head back to the local farmer's market since we first visited it last september.  this past sunday was the first warm day we've had this year and we were so there.  g wanted to see the chickens first.  they did not disappoint.

i love walking around there.  it reminds me of the market in honduras.

it was shorts weather.  that made this florida girl so very happy.

it had been a while since breakfast, so we were pretty hungry.  g ordered a steak quesadilla.

and i had tacos al pastor.  i forgot that i needed to order them sin ensalada.  luckily, g's wasn't quite as covered as mine.  i'm not gonna lie; i picked off all those onions.  the fresh cilantro actually wasn't that bad.

g loves to pick out fresh fruit.  they have everything here.  such a wide variety of good things, interesting things, and unexpected (to us) things.

this is what we brought home this haul.  i was most excited about the cheese.  i love queso seco with fried platanos and can't find it at kroger.  ha.

and i couldn't resist hitting the cantina again before we left for some tamalas for dinner.  they were so good.  g even liked them which i wasn't expecting.

i already got my project life page from that day done! i especially like the way the lunch pockets turned out.  i couldn't make myself trim them down to just one 3x4 pocket, so i spread each one over two and then used a vellum overlay for the journaling.

here's how the full spread looks with the page i created earlier.  once again, i used some of the same supplies for consistency.  project life 2014 was off to a slow start, but it's finally taking off.  :)

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