Wednesday, March 26, 2014

good blog reads

one of their favorite fishing spots on the canal and papa's persimmon tree.

and here are a few new blogs i've been into this month:  i adored this one.  adored it.  i kept it open for days and can't tell you how far back i read.  i think it reminds me of being a little girl growin up in florida.  such a sweet one.  this one is in the carolinas, another place that i've lived.  i'll always consider it god's country.  this couple likes to travel bonus.  who doesn't love paige's bright happy scrappy pages?  and now they're living overseas and sharing some gorgeous photos of places they go.  lov it.  i was never a simple scrapper, so i'm late to the cathy zielske party, but the girl is funny and has a great deal of good sense.  highly enjoyable and worth the read.

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