Tuesday, March 25, 2014

jbs mercantile: the twilight zone

this is the one in which my son went to a birthday sleepover party, stayed up all night, fell asleep watching a video on his ipad, had the cat jump on him during a rem cycle, got up and peed in the dryer, took off all his clothes, sat back down on the couch and carefully wrapped his earbuds around his toes, and then went back to sleep for several more hours.  you can see that i would really want to make a special layout for this story, yes?  i'm so glad the mojo was with me this night.  i was deep in the creative zone.

i chose the studio calico doodled overlay because i liked the crazy mixed up chaotic nature of it.  i can't get enough of those dear lizzy glitter alphas.  they're the perfect size and sparkle and they seem like they'll never run out.  also love jenni's new chalkboard flatbacks and gold scattered star rubons.  such a fun combo on this side.  i also included a manilla tag tucked in the top with the story i just related to you.  it's too surreal to ever be forgotten.

everything on the bottom half of the layout is upside down.  i liked how the weirdness of it related to the story.

all these goodies are from the march jbs mercantile kits.  it's a very good month.

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