Sunday, March 3, 2013

project life: valentine's day

you may have noticed that my pages are not so much dated.  i decided pretty much right away that i couldn't handle the weekly format.  initially, it was the thought of having to make sure i had enough to fill a spread (or just a page) that was offsetting.  now that i'm in the midst of the happy chaos, i've also realized that the thought of forcing everything to fit in one spread (or deciding when i need inserts) is just as stressful.  i'm going with the loose-y goose-y approach which suits my ocd tendencies just fine.  whenever i get the urge to work on some project life, i first check my instagram feed, digital camera files, and any notes i've written in my dayplanner.  i then start printing pics and fitting them in like a fun little jigsaw puzzle.  i don't worry about the real estate of all those pocket pages too much.  whenever i get to the end of a month, i make a header for the next month in the next available pocket.  eventually i'm planning on adding side tabs as well.  the system is working well for me.  january had 3.5 pages and so far it looks like february will have five.  who knew the shortest month was so busy?  but i did have to devote an entire page to valentine's day.  it's such a fun holiday!

on this page:  the bulk of this product is from the january mini-album kit.  it was love themed and i hoarded most of it to use on this spread.  several of the bits were elle's studio valentine's day things and just charming.  the gold arrows were in the january antiquarian add-on.  love that jenni includes german foil in most of those. 

so top left is one of the coke tags i made for g's teachers.  the middle column is of his class valentines.  then the right column is my contribution to one sheepish girls's heartbombing.

on this page:  the top row is aleida's challenge, middle row are a few of our favorites from g's valentines, bottom row is a cute little quote from g when he came home from school on valentine's day (he always saves me his tootsie rolls when trick-or-treating) and my valentine's day haiku.

and now calvinball pointage!

only 1.5 points for actual scrappies (a page and a half spread in project life) as i had a busy afternoon pruning the overgrown foliage in our yard and then taking the gman to the wilson county jail with the other bears in our pack (it was for a tour, not bad behavior!).  also giving myself a bonus point for using retro scrappy product (eyelets) and for thoroughly cleaning my scrapspace.  and i blogged again!  ;)

calvinscraps - 8
calvinblogs - 3
calvinbonus - 10

total - 21


  1. Love that your PL pages aren't strictly weekly. All those 'rules' kept me from starting until this year. Although, if I haven't made any pages yet, have I really started?

  2. I love your approach! I'm trying to stick to a two-page spread every month but I'm planning to use tons of inserts so it's kind of the same thing. This spread is wonderful and really fun to look at! We had a busy month too!