Tuesday, March 5, 2013

get it scrapped!: good day, baby. love you

when i first heard of the sandy creek tragedy, i was at school, and, of course, my baby was at school.  it was him i thought of first.  it was my last words to him as i dropped him off that i thought to remember.  what were they?  did they say everything that was in my heart should i never see him again?

a couple years ago i noticed that i was in the bad habit of dropping him off late to school and fussing at him to hurry, hurry, hurry.  noticing made me sad and i changed.  i didn't change my habit of lateness, but i did change my reaction to it.  since this realization, no matter if we're early or late, i simply tell him, "good day, baby. love you."  i have never been more thankful for these words.

i snapped this photo as i dropped him off at school the day after.  i wanted to hold him close to me, but i could not.  i sent him off with a "good day, baby.  love you." and a prayer.  the photo is blurry and poorly composed, but in its imperfections it captures the transient nature of the moment and our lives.  life is brief, but love is eternal.  when he looks back at me, i hope his memories always tell him "good day, baby. love you."

this layout was created for an article on using stencils and paints over at get it scrapped.  it's a good one.

calvinball update:
i have a new page in progress.  i didn't quite finish as i had to stop to help g with his timeline project (bonus point awarded!).  and i blogged again!

calvinscraps - 8
calvinblogs - 5
calvinbonus - 11

total - 24


  1. Oh wow girl, this is one of my new faves from you. Seriously not saying that just cause you are my friend. I mean it's fabulous all the way around. The design, yes. The meaning behind the page, yes. The picture - blurry but could not be more perfect, yep, makes you focus on the meaning. I love the color mixage. Nice detail with the G on the photo in the little empty area. Really pretty stencil work. You are really inspiring me to go play with that stencil on my next project.

  2. Wonderful layout Doris and I love the story behind it!! I can relate as a mom that is always running a bit late... (Go Calvinball!!) ;) Evie

  3. Doris, this is just wonderful...this is a "keeper". What a perfect layout..every detail