Friday, March 8, 2013

project life: columns

here's another early peek at my contributions to the jbs mercantile march gallery updates.  another february project life spread.  i really like the way this one turned out.  my favorite thing about it is the columns.  this spread is of four different events/moments and they each fit nicely into a 6x12 column.  i made a point of scattering a dominant color down each column too, so the spread has a nice cohesive feel. the first column is more about g really taking off with his reading lately.  the second is of the cub scout trip to the downtown nashville firehouse.  the third is morning snuggles with our kitties.  and the fourth is blake's birthday party at the roller rink (the green tab on the pic of my skates is a pull out journaling card).

on this page:  both pages are bits and pieces from the from the march jbs mercantile kit offerings.  i also added in jbs classic label stickers in red.  the j.k. rowling quote was a free downloadable card off stephanie howell's blog (thanks steph!) and the farmer boy image i downloaded from online as well.

on this page:  more from the kits.  i also mixed in a couple cute awards that i made from jenni's blue ribbon punch (it appears to be sold out at jbs mercantile.  they might be available elsewhere, but they were limited edition, so may be becoming hard to find).

calvinball stats time!

i sneaked in a couple cards last night using five jbs products for a bonus point.  and i blogged again!

that brings me to:
calvinscraps - 10
calvinblogs - 8
calvinbonus - 13

total - 31

woot!  go me!

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  1. Oh, I love those little ribbons. I'm going to have to find me that punch! Your a calvinmaniac!! ;) Evie