Thursday, March 21, 2013

project life: sketches

well friends.  this one is my favorite so far.  i love the bright colors, but in a soft muted kinda way.  i love the variety of photo sizes and that i used ephemera/journaling cards in more of the pockets, so it's not as photo heavy as usual (not that photo heavy is a bad thing!).  this one just feels balanced and cute to me; a look to strive for in the next one.

on this page: again i've used leftovers from my march jbs mercantile kits.  coordinated leftovers are just right for project life!  i finally worked up the nerve to write directly on the photos (with a fine point sharpie).  i took pictures of g on the deck on a couple occasions in this spread and the siding on the back of the house is way too perfect for writing on (in the photos, not irl!).  i like the look and will most likely be using it lots.

on this page: i decided to use an american crafts vertical 4x6 page protector for this side as i had several full size verticals i wanted to use, including that vintage "long distance" label from this month's antiquarian kit.  how perfect is that to remind myself of conversations with my dad about his old black and white photos?  ( i added a copy of one in the pocket to the left).

i busted out some jbs goodies that i've decided are way perfect for project life.  these jbs chipboard letters.  they aren't too thick and are customizeable.  i used the micro dot and ledger packs.  you can see them in the red and yellow "supercup" title, the green "march" title, and the multi-colored "dr. seuss" title.  so fun!  and now i need MORE!

here's a little glimpse at my process.  not that i'm a pro at this or anything, but i thought there might be a few more ocd resisters out there who may be curious as to how i'm working on such a regulated project without letting the obsessive compulsive beast loose.

i don't do it daily or weekly.  the only reference i consciously make to the passing of time is to put a new header in when i start a new month.  you can see from this spread that those monthly headers get stuck in wherever a new month happens to start.  i will eventually start stapling tabs to those pages as well.

i leave my book out all the time and work in chunks.  (i'm lucky to have a designated craft room now with two large tables).  when i'm ready to print out and slot more pics i first look at my camera and instagram pics and make a list (on that little post-it there).  i then flip through my digital camera files and my daily planner to see if i've missed anything, but the bulk of my photos come from my cell phone as that is where our daily life gets recorded most.  once i've got my list, i start making little pencil sketches and filling in the photos and such so i'll know what size to print them.  i actually like this part.  it's like a little puzzle.  the photo editing is the least fun of the whole process, but i let myself be lazy about editing the cell phone pics as often as i can so it's really not been a burden.  once the pics are printed and slotted i'll start piddling with papers and such.  since i leave it out all the time, i can do one little thing whenever the urge strikes.  i might finish a page in a day, but more often than not it will be over the course of several days as the notion strikes.  no stress!  i'm actually done with january, february just lacks one spread, and the first half of march is sketched out.  and it's been FUN.  can you believe it?

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