Thursday, March 28, 2013

florida photos: riley's birthday outtakes

still establishing the pecking order, "NO deanna!  i don't need you to push me!"

"aunt doris!  aunt doris!  will you push me?"  as soon as you smile for my camera i will.

how godzilla might feel in the twilight zone.

somebody needs to cut that kid's nails.

now that one in the middle is obviously a princess carriage unless you're confused and think it's a four-eyed chick or catch an upside down glance and assume it's a bearded bug.

wardrobe malfunction.

this poor man's gonna spend a lot of time waiting for his women and their fashions.

where's riley?

reenactment requested by aunt doris.

box barricade as it was too windy for birthday candles.

the birthday diva provides another reenactment for aunt doris.

somebody had to pull a tooth and announce that fact right in the middle of the birthday song.

that smile, that smile, that cover girl smile.

does it get any better than this?

sugar rush.

and cake is apparently optional.

truly, one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the ability to laugh at themselves.  :)

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