Saturday, March 30, 2013

florida photos: indian pass

this set of photos is from my instagram feed (i'm dorissander there).  we moved from the big city to small town usa the summer after first grade.  we actually lived across the street from the ocean for a couple years.  it seemed so normal at the time, but now i realize it was amazing.  we go back there most trips as we all love to eat at the raw bar.  i walked there from my house as a kid when it was just an old country store and post office.  it was a good mile or so away and i was only seven.  there were a lot more freedoms then.  these photos represent the florida of my youth.  empty, beautiful, wild.  revisiting my childhood paths was so much more nostalgic with my own child.  seeing him play where i once played.  these are treasured times.

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  1. these photos are beautiful, they remind me of my childhood in nova scotia. growing up by the sea is wonderful. my children are growing up on our farm and i think it is almost as lovely.