Friday, March 1, 2013

jbs mercantile march reveal! and calvinball!

the march gallery is up over at jbs mercantile.  it's beautiful.  with more to come.  this is my fourth contribution and is mostly from the mini-album kit (which is awesomesauce as the papercrafting kit is already sold out, eeps!).

now if you've glanced at the gallery already, you may be wondering where my second and third projects are.  well hmmm.  see, i am having both camera and memory issues.  i totally forgot to photograph my second layout and my third is a project life spread and my borrowed camera battery ran out of juice before i got to photograph it.  see my poor old rebel finally conked out and my hand-me-down rebel is missing its battery charger so i am just a rebel without a camera.  for the moment at least.  remind me to get on amazon tonight and order one, won't you?

now on to CALVINBALL!  girls!  if you're looking for a spot of fun this month HEAD ON OVER!  the ever evolving rules are explained a bit more now and are sure to confuse and delight.  you're all invited!  the more the merrier!

i shall be keeping up with my points here daily.  so here we go . . .

calvinscraps - 0 (the night is young)
calvinblogs - 1
calvinbonus - 2 (one for scrapbooking in public and the other for publicly admitting to scheming)

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