Friday, March 29, 2013

calvinball update . . .

totally gratuitous blogging ahead.  i'm going to go ahead and admit here that the ocd has kicked in a bit with the ole blog.  i was gung ho and blogged 31 times in january.  in february, even with the flu, i somehow unintentionally blogged 28 times.  now if you know you're monthly math and anything about ocd tendencies then you probably realize that i've got 6 blog posts to go (counting this one) and 3 days to get them done in (counting today that's dwindling fast).  so here's a calvinball update!  and a reminder that if you haven't entered the ribbon giveaway, there's still time!  calvinball doesn't end till midnight on the 31st!  and i declare a calvinball bonus for dying easter eggs!  :)

quickie calvinball update:
calvinscraps - 31
calvinblogs - 25
calvinbonus - 19

total - 75

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