Wednesday, March 20, 2013

masterful scrapbook design: oomph and polish

hello!  welcome back!  wait!  you weren't gone.  i was.  ooops!  i really meant to get on the internet more while i was away, but you know how it is in the backwoods of north florida.  a blogging black hole there i tell ya.  so i'm backlogged and behind in calvinball, but i'll catch up on it all cuz i'm still on spring break!  so, back later with some calvinball updates and a plan.  until then . . .

this is a layout i made for the march/april seminar at masterful scrapbook design.  the topic is oomph and polish and it's all about those tiny details that finish off a page and make it special.  i had my interview yesterday and celeste and i are scheduled for office hours on april 3rd.  debbie's created a fabulous slide show all about it HERE.  you should check it out!  there are lots of great tips in this one little spot for you to enjoy even if you don't sign up for the seminar (but you'll be tempted ;).  back in a bit!  happy spring all!

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