Thursday, March 28, 2013

good blog reads

this is us.  enjoying a bit of seemingly illusive spring sunbeam.  fingers crossed they will be a more common occurance now. only has 2 small blips on the ten day radar and hopefully those will warm up before we get there.  i'm over cold weather. 

here are a few posts i've collected for you this month.  i especially want to gush over the first batch, but have decided to let them speak for themselves in all their loveliness.  i'm limiting myself to one word introductions.

beautiful words + beautiful photos:

newborn photographer - tara whitney - sweetness

vintage photographer - hula seventy - poignant

amazing writer - black ink paperie - thoughtful

crafty shares:

free motion sewing - ihanna - fun

doodling on letters - rebecca sower - artsy

new blog finds:

photos plus words - scraps of us - ecclectic

plant lover - little green shed - green

a free online course on blogging inspiration:

rapier wit - julie kirk - sharp


  1. my god you're a sweet girl. i going to have to marry you.
    ps. the photo is way cool
    pss. thanks for the shout out

  2. i forgot to add that i just spent $80 in julie's etsy shop. thanks for the link - i think