Saturday, March 23, 2013

christmas in march! a mini-album

i cranked out my 2012 december daily yesterday!  finished off the journaling and cover this morning!  14 points for calvinball baby!  woot!

this one was made from the jbs mercantile november mini-album kit.  i really wanted to use it cuz it was so cute, but i saved it for my december daily and then got too busy in december to do it.  i really wanted to document this christmas though with my dad still in the v.a. and g and i heading to florida to spend christmas with him and the family.  

 title page.  and a sampling of the inner pages . . .

the page on the right is from the tabbed divider pack for the mini-album, both from pink paislee.  i used a blending tool and several colors of ink on it.

i used the diptic app i'd mentioned earlier to quickly print all the photos.  saved me tons of time.  it was glitching on me at first, but i finally figured out from reading the reviews that you have to clear it out each time before uploading more photos then it work fine.

i absolutely adored the stamp set that kerry lynn yeary designed for the kit.  the little candy label on the left was my favorite stamp from the set.  i stamped and cut out 21 of those little suckers before i was done.

you may have noticed from glancing at the pages, that i really just labeled each photo and didn't journal much.  i decided to include a pocket here on the last page and write down my thoughts about the trip and that christmas in a more cohesive manner.  i've never really thought to do that, but i liked it.

calvinball pointage - 14 points for the mini!  woot!  2 points for blogging today and yesterday.  oh!  and i also just finished a layout for a point plus a bonus for scrapping photos within a week of taking them.  18 points so far this weekend!  BAM!

current totals:
calvinscraps - 31
calvinblogs - 16
calvinbonus - 18

total - 65


  1. Wow, speedy! Love your mini-album and that stamp does look awesome! I'm almost done with my Christmas UFO, but I guess slow and steady is not winning the! I better get moving!!! ;)Evie

  2. I love your December daily...I'm SO impressed!! I don't think it is going to happen here. We have moved and my life has been total destruction and cardboard boxes for the past 2 months.....My sbing room is a total disaster. I don't know when life will be normal again. **sigh**