Wednesday, March 20, 2013

aleida's challenge and calvinball updates

the march edition of aleida's challenge.  my sweet niece took this one for me, so no grainy, blurry, smooshy face photo this month!  thanks jessica!  you can read more about aleida's challenge HERE.  it's a very good idea.

now as far as calvinball goes, let me see . . . i blogged twice today, so even though i took, oh, nine days off, i still get a whole calvinblog point today.  then i made a pretty layout, so yay point!  and how about i take a bonus point for having a birthday monday?  sounds good to me!

current totals:
calvinscraps - 15
calvinblogs - 12
calvinbonus - 16

total - 43

need to kick my butt in high gear!  only 11 days left in calvinball and i have goals to meet!  and people to beat!


  1. Yay Doris!! Happy Birthday!! You better watch out for me, my points are adding up! LOL!! ;)Evie

  2. Happy slightly belated B-Day! This is just the best picture! Wow. I love it.